Hi, I'm Bradley

Send me a text message to get help with planning and booking your travels.

Hi! I'm Bradley, your personal travel assistant. I can book hotels, find flights, or give expert travel recommendations. How may I help you today?
I'm arriving in Paris next week. Can you book me a hotel?
Do you have any budget or preferences?
I like great views! Keep it under $300.
Sure! The best hotel I've found is the Shangri-La for $273.
If you ask me, that view is simply unbeatable
Wow, that looks incredible! Let's book it.
Done! Anything else I can help you with?
Can you find me a romantic restaurant for dinner? I want to impress my girlfriend.
How about a fine dining cruise on the Seine? You'll both enjoy amazing views of Paris over a 3-course dinner.
They have a table available at 8:30pm. Do you want me to make a reservation?
Sounds good.
You are all set. Any further plans?
I want to fly to Barcelona after. Can you find me the cheapest flight over the weekend?
Got it. The cheapest flight I found from Paris to Barcelona is $159 on Friday. Does that work?
I was hoping for something closer to $100.
No problem. Would you like me to set a price alert? I will notify you when the price drops.
That would be great. Thanks Bradley!
Always happy to help!


Q: How much does Bradley cost?

It's completely free to chat with Bradley. When you book something, we'll let you know the total price so you can confirm it before you are billed.

Q: What can I use Bradley for?

We can help with all your travel needs. Whether is it a romantic weekend getaway, business trip or family vacation – we'll be able to handle it.

Q: How long does Bradley take to reply?

As soon as possible. We pretty much work round the clock except when we're sleeping, but we'll be available 24/7 very soon!

Q: How do I make payments?

The first time you use Bradley, we'll ask for your credit card info for fast bookings. We do not store your credit card number. All payment processing is handled by Stripe.